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B-R-A-V-E is not an impartial observer of the cull controversy. Our acronym stands for “Badger Rescue And Vaccination Everywhere”. But, whenever possible, we have always tried to present both sides of the argument. After three years, however, here are our distressing findings.

Our online campaigning since January 2013 pales into insignificance when compared with the courage of hundreds of people who have stood up to the shooters in the frontlines of Somerset and Gloucester. They go out in all weathers, often in total darkness, because of the belief that culling badgers is totally wrong. Few badgers have bTB so killing them does not result in the Government's said objective - to stop the spread of the disease.

And the fight is also going on at other levels as well. Eminent scientists and experts have consistently challenged Members of Parliament, DEFRA and the NFU. However despite petitions, letters, rallies and other friendly protests, the planned culls remain and are due to be rolled out into other counties during 2016.

More taxpayers money will be spent unnecessarily; more farmers will be heartbroken when the following realisation dawns......

That the Government does not listen to the science and is therefore wasting years, messing with farming livelihoods and damaging the infrastructure of Planet Earth upon which we all need and rely. Together with the millions of pounds being spent, this mix adds up to  total disaster that could be dramatically avoided with just a little thought. All the money being used to kill badgers certainly should be used to combat the devastating bTB but, with the Government's current plan, the disease is likely to become worse.

This of course, does not include the welfare or any other consideration for the badger; little knowledge is being shown for living in harmony with Mother Nature or indeed, with each other.

Here are the counties that are likely to be targeted in 2016.

All of these findings lead to just one conclusion. The culls must stop and never, ever return.

Here is B-R-A-V-E's anthem.

Please feel free to use it on social media, websites or wherever you feel we can continue to spread our message.

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